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La Carlota 1200 m²
50 000 €
Urban, 1 200 m²
Calle Membrillar, La Carlota, Cordova
WaterElectricitySewerageMobile coverageVillage+2
Villaharta 5508 m²
11 500 €
Non developable, 5 508 m²
CO-6410 / GR 48, Villaharta, Cordova
Mobile coverageRiverVillageLake or swampForest area+1
Córdoba 2250000 m²
2 500 000 €
Non developable, 2 250 000 m²
Camino de Servicio Canal del Guadalmellato, Córdoba, Cordova
Puente Genil 461 m²
420 000 €
Non developable, 461 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
WaterIndustrial warehouseHighway or motorwayСommercial
Córdoba 1275 m²
25 000 €
Developable, 1 275 m²
Córdoba, Cordova
Córdoba 500 m²
5 000 €
Urban, 500 m²
El Humaguaqueño 1000, Córdoba, Cordova
WaterElectricityMobile coverageRiverCity+4
Córdoba 25617 m²
165 000 €
Non developable, 25 617 m²
N-432, Córdoba, Cordova
Mobile coverageCityAgricultural
Los Morenos 973288 m²
600 000 €
Non developable, 973 288 m²
Los Morenos, Cordova
WaterElectricityMobile coverageFodder cropSwine+13
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Where to buy land in Córdoba

The average price of urban land (more than €130/m²), developable and rustic in the province is one of the lowest in Andalusia. The cheapest land in the province of Córdoba is in Córdoba capital and the surrounding towns. In other words, the municipalities with the lowest prices are Córdoba with the minimum value of €1/m², followed by La Carlota with €10/m² and Espiel with €11/m². Other towns that have the cheapest plots, by average value, are Lucena, Pedro Abad, Puente Genil and Rute.

Curiously, two municipalities that present the lowest land values ​​also register the highest plot prices. These are: Córdoba with €2,266/m² and La Carlota with €577/m². It is followed by Lucena, Puente Genil, Bujalance, Fernán-Núñez, El Carpio and Montemayor, with an average value of €150/m² and €300/m². Concerning the sale of rural land and developable land, its situation is like urban land, especially in cities in continuous expansion, such as Córdoba or Lucena.

One of the lowest land values ​​in Andalusia

The province of Córdoba is in the south of Spain, in the north-central part of Andalusia. Its extension exceeds 1,300,000 hectares, which represents more than 15% of the autonomous community. The influence of the Guadalquivir River determines its climate, which is characterized by mild winters and very hot summers. In addition, its topography makes it difficult to farm the land. However, in the surroundings of the Córdoba metropolitan area, there is the largest area of ​​olive groves in Spain and one of the largest in the world. As in other Andalusian provinces, its economy is based on two fundamental pillars: the primary sector, based on agriculture and the food industry, and the service sector, where tourism is its main asset.

It does not present a very high population density, which is also distributed in numerous municipalities of the province. This means that the average value of land, both urban and developable and rustic, is one of the lowest in Andalusia. By presenting one of the cheapest average prices in the autonomous community, it becomes an interesting investment opportunity.

The olive groves, the greatest treasure of Córdoba

The Cordovan territory is divided into three large geographical areas: Sierra Morena to the north, the Guadalquivir valley in the centre and the Cordilleras Béticas to the south. It presents a topography that hinders the agricultural use of the province. Even so, in its more than 800,000 hectares of rustic land, an area that exceeds 650,000 hectares is used for cultivation. The largest areas of olive groves in Spain are concentrated in the surroundings of the urban area of ​​the city of Córdoba, which is why it is the most important crop in the province, followed by vineyards, citrus, and fruit trees. The production of cereals, sunflowers and legumes must also be considered.

The forest land occupies about 32% of the total of the province, with more than 420,000 hectares, divided into open, timber, and woody forest, respectively. For their part, the meadows and pastures exceed 100,000 hectares.

Wide range of urban and developable land

The largest urban areas are in the same municipalities with the highest population density. These are: Córdoba (capital), Puente Genil, Montilla, Palma del Río, Priego de Córdoba, Cabra, Baena and Lucena. In its totality, the urban plots add up to more than 20,000 hectares, distributed throughout the province. Of this area, more than 3,000 hectares are for residential use. For their part, the developable plots occupy an area that exceeds 15,000 hectares.

Industry concentrated in the provincial capital

Most of the province's industrial land is concentrated in the capital, with more than seven industrial estates. The food sector is one of the most important, where the production of oil and dairy products are the most prominent. Industries such as construction, jewellery, the automotive industry, and furniture also have special relevance in the Cordovan territory, which in its entirety registers more than 2,500 hectares of industrial land.

In recent years, there has been a decline in the creation of new companies. For its part, tourism remains the jewel in the crown of Cordoba's economy. The history and cultural value of the province is the main attraction for thousands of tourists.

Córdoba, the territory of great opportunities

Córdoba is a province where tourism and agriculture reign, especially olive groves. In addition, it stands out because it has one of the lowest average values ​​in Andalusia, which is why it is a territory with great attractions for investment. In addition, it has a developed communications network, which allows it to be directly connected to Madrid and Seville, two of the main cities of Spain.

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