95 000 €
(950 €/m²)
Rustic estate, 3 rooms, 100 m²
carretera cardeña, Montoro, Cordova
Sale Non developable 80 000  m², Montoro
WaterElectricityRustic estateFood cropsAgriculturalWater well+1
80 000 €
(200 €/m²)
Village house, 8 rooms, 400 m²
Calle Antonio Maura, Cañete de las Torres, Cordova
Sale Urban 400  m², Cañete de las Torres
WaterElectricityGasSewerageMobile coverageVillage houseVillage+1
2 800 000 €
(11 667 €/m²)
Country house, 240 m²
14299, La Cardenchosa, Cordova
Sale Non developable 6 960 000  m², La Cardenchosa
WaterElectricityCountry houseMountainsForest areaLivestockFenced or walled+1
775 000 €
(4 079 €/m²)
Rustic estate, 4 rooms, 190 m²
CO-6410, Pozoblanco, Cordova
Sale Non developable 290 000  m², Pozoblanco
Private poolFridgeLookoutAntenna TVChimneyJacuzziGarage+26
Typical andalusian farmhouse with an area of ​​29 hectares (290,000m2) that is located in the mountains, known worldwide…
270 000 €
(338 €/m²)
City house, 800 m²
Carretera Montilla-Nueva Cartella, Montilla, Cordova
Sale Urban 17 500  m², Montilla
WaterElectricityCity houseRustic or ruralWater well
120 000 €
(600 €/m²)
Village house, 4 rooms, 200 m²
El humaguaqueño 1000 san jose obrero cosquin, Córdoba, Cordova
Sale Urban 2 000  m², Córdoba
Air conditioningPrivate poolFridgeAntenna TVGalleryChimneyInternet Installation+18
3 375 000 €
Rustic estate, 6 rooms
fuente obejuna, Fuente Obejuna, Cordova
Sale Non developable 8 430 000  m², Fuente Obejuna
WaterElectricityMobile coverageRustic estateSwineCattle or bovineMountains+3
175 000 €
(583 €/m²)
Rustic estate, 5 rooms, 300 m²
Paraje Navafernando 3, Espiel, Cordova
Sale Non developable 30 000  m², Espiel
Private poolBuilt-in closetChimneyPantryInternet InstallationBasementHeating+20
230 000 €
(1 106 €/m²)
Detached house, 4 rooms, 208 m²
Calle Membrillar, La Carlota, Cordova
Sale Urban 1 200  m², La Carlota
Air conditioningPrivate poolBuilt-in closetFridgeAntenna TVChimneyHeating+17
285 000 €
(1 425 €/m²)
Country house, 6 rooms, 200 m²
Cuevas bajas parcela 42, Almodóvar del Río, Cordova
Sale Non developable 13 000  m², Almodóvar del Río
Air conditioningPrivate poolBuilt-in closetFridgeLookoutAntenna TVChimney+24
85 000 €
(1 000 €/m²)
Village house, 6 rooms, 85 m²
Calle Roldán, Rute, Cordova
Sale Urban 134  m², Rute
Air conditioningFridgeAntenna TVPantryGarageTerraceGarden+12
600 000 €
(6 000 €/m²)
Country house, 3 rooms, 100 m²
CO-6410, Pozoblanco, Cordova
Sale Non developable 109 000  m², Pozoblanco
FridgeAntenna TVChimneyGardenWaterElectricityGas+10
Olive farm for sale in the municipality of obejo (10 km from obejo and 26 km from villanueva de córdoba), province of…
56 000 €
(283 €/m²)
Country house, 198 m²
El porvenir de la industria, Fuente Obejuna, Cordova
Sale Urban 240  m², Fuente Obejuna
WaterElectricityGasSewerageMobile coverageCountry houseVillage+5
105 000 €
(495 €/m²)
Village house, 6 rooms, 212 m²
Zambra, Cordova
Sale Urban 252  m², Zambra
Private poolBuilt-in closetFridgeLookoutAntenna TVGalleryChimney+17
40 000 €
(199 €/m²)
Village house, 4 rooms, 201 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 75  m², Puente Genil
WaterVillage houseResidential
62 000 €
(504 €/m²)
Village house, 4 rooms, 123 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 95  m², Puente Genil
GalleryPantryTerraceEquipped kitchenSitting roomWaterVillage house+1
208 000 €
(904 €/m²)
Village house, 6 rooms, 230 m²
Lucena, Cordova
Sale Urban 230  m², Lucena
Air conditioningBuilt-in closetGalleryPantryGarageTerraceEquipped kitchen+3
90 000 €
(3 000 €/m²)
Prefabricated house or container, 30 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 820  m², Puente Genil
WaterElectricitySeweragePrefabricated house or containerFood cropsFruit treesHighway or motorway+1
67 000 €
(296 €/m²)
Village house, 5 rooms, 226 m²
Ventorros de Balerma, Cordova
Sale Urban 226  m², Ventorros de Balerma
GalleryPantryEquipped kitchenSitting roomWaterElectricitySewerage+2
480 000 €
(1 154 €/m²)
Detached house, 416 m²
Córdoba, Cordova
Sale Urban 1 947  m², Córdoba
Private poolChimneyPantryBasementTerraceEquipped kitchenWater+3
190 000 €
(669 €/m²)
Detached house, 3 rooms, 284 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 4 767  m², Puente Genil
Private poolBuilt-in closetChimneyPantryTerraceGardenEquipped kitchen+7
153 000 €
(1 205 €/m²)
Village house, 3 rooms, 127 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 127  m², Puente Genil
Air conditioningGalleryPantryGymBasementGarageHeating+6
110 000 €
(917 €/m²)
Detached house, 2 rooms, 120 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 1 300  m², Puente Genil
ChimneyGardenEquipped kitchenSitting roomWaterElectricitySewerage+2
160 000 €
(1 026 €/m²)
Detached house, 5 rooms, 156 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 1 212  m², Puente Genil
Air conditioningPrivate poolChimneyPantryHeatingTerraceGarden+10
90 000 €
(450 €/m²)
Village house, 3 rooms, 200 m²
Darro, Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 200  m², Puente Genil
Private poolGalleryGymHeatingTerraceEquipped kitchenHot water+3
100 000 €
(1 370 €/m²)
Village house, 3 rooms, 73 m²
Córdoba, Cordova
Sale Urban 113  m², Córdoba
GalleryEquipped kitchenSitting roomWaterVillage houseResidential
125 000 €
(473 €/m²)
Village house, 5 rooms, 264 m²
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 128  m², Puente Genil
GalleryPantryGarageTerraceEquipped kitchenHot waterWater+2
160 000 €
(1 203 €/m²)
Village house, 3 rooms
Puente Genil, Cordova
Sale Urban 133  m², Puente Genil
PantryGymHeatingTerraceHot waterWaterVillage house+2
38 000 €
(358 €/m²)
City house, 3 rooms, 106 m²
Calle Párroco Don Juan Elías, Moriles, Cordova
Sale Urban 106  m², Moriles
City houseFood cropsVillageResidential+1
330 000 €
(2 426 €/m²)
Rustic estate, 136 m²
Adamuz, Cordova
Sale Developable 26  m², Adamuz
ChimneyGarageEquipped kitchenSitting roomWaterRustic estateResidential+2
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Houses for sale in the province

In the province of Córdoba, the price of single-family homes, chalets, and private villas varies based on the size of the land they occupy, in addition to other factors such as location or the materials used in their construction. On the other hand, country estates or farmhouses, as these types of constructions are known in Andalusia, which is usually found in areas farther from the capital, have a value that is set through quality standards of the land and habitable surface. that makes up the house. Other causes such as the time it has been built, if it has basic services such as electricity and water, the state of the house itself or having other inhabited houses around it, are key to determining the final cost.

Buy independent villa

Acquiring an independent villa in the province of Córdoba is cheaper than in other parts of Andalusia since it is an inland province that is only close to the coast in the south. In the towns closest to the capital of Cordoba, the cost of living rises 30% compared to the rest of the cities and towns located further outside the province. The price per square meter in Córdoba is subject to the area in which the villa is sought, but those with a higher price can reach €2,000/m², such as in Córdoba capital or Puente Genil. As a general rule, if you look at the indicators to acquire a luxury villa in Córdoba, the places that require a higher purchasing power are located in Córdoba, La Carlota and Cabra, with an average price of the villa for sale that is around 500,000 euros. Meanwhile, the cheapest areas do not usually exceed €300/m², such as Llanos de Don Juan. Other economically accessible places for the price per square meter are Ventorros de Balerma (around €200/m²); Almodóvar del Río (around €350/m²) and San Sebastián de los Ballesteros (around €400/m²).

The independent chalets in Córdoba that reach higher prices are in the surroundings of the capital since they are close to a very touristic city and that is the engine of the province. In addition, they are more secluded and quiet areas than the city centre but are still well connected to schools, entertainment venues and cultural centres.

Country estates for sale

Rustic properties in the province of Córdoba tend to attract the interest of a type of buyers who are characterized by being between 40-50 years of age, who are looking for a residential area far from the city centre to spend their holidays or live calmer, and whose purchasing power is usually higher. A significant percentage of the rustic properties for sale are in the outskirts of the capital, although they can also be found in the southern part of the province of Cordoba, or the north. These homes usually have an area that does not cover more than 2,500 square meters, with large and spacious gardens and even some with a swimming pool. In addition, there are multiple types of land for various purposes, such as agriculture, livestock, bull breeding or horse riding, something more typical of Andalusia. Since most of them are outdoors, events and celebrations can also be organized, such as weddings or birthday parties. In recent years, interest in seeking more open spaces has increased, which is why these types of homes are increasing in value.

Rustic properties are based on construction, either for family use or for any other purpose whose objective is the use of the land, as well as a part of variable size that can be more or fewer hectares. All these factors influence the final price of the sale of the rustic property. For this reason, the rural areas with the highest price to buy a rustic property in the province of Córdoba are Alcaracejos, Adamuz or Obejo, with an average price of over €1,000/m². On the other hand, the areas with the most affordable value per square meter are Ventorros de Balerma, Pozoblanco and Villaviciosa de Córdoba, with an average price of €550/m².

The cheapest rural properties that can be located for sale are those that need to be reformed and are in areas further away from the Cordovan capital. They are usually older houses, are less spacious and do not have services such as electricity or water. In addition, their access is usually more expensive than other homes.

Buy townhouses or a plot

To buy a townhouse in the province of Córdoba, the area with the best prices in the western part, since the municipalities are usually further from the centre and the southern zone (the closest to the coast), in addition to having a lower population index and, therefore, with more affordable prices.

On the other hand, these houses offer access to quieter areas, closer to nature, these being some of the reasons why many people change the great from the metropolis through the countryside. The price of these homes varies based on the surface they occupy, the location and the equipment they have. The average price per square meter fluctuates around €400/m², while in other places with higher cache it can exceed €900/m². In recent years, many inhabitants of the province decided to look for other homes further away from the hustle and bustle caused by tourism in the capital, to get a much larger house in a quieter area. Specifically, in municipalities such as Priego de Córdoda, Palma del Río or Castro del Río. This caused the original value of this type of construction to rise in the province by 15%.

Buy abandoned villages

The sale of towns in the province of Córdoba is a good opportunity to carry out a building or large-scale crop plantation. This type of real estate investment has attracted the interest of many investors in recent years due to the large areas they cover (in some cases more than several hectares) and the fact that they are far from large cities. Some of the areas where you can buy abandoned villages in Córdoba are Alcaracejos or Rute. The cost varies based on the hectares and the quality of the land, but in the province of Cordoba, it is around €1,500/m².

Houses for sale with price statistics.

Real estate product for sale in the province:

144 plots of land for sale of all types, whether urban, developable or rustic, from individuals, agencies and banks.

142 houses for sale throughout the province.

Houses for sale with price statistics in Cordova.

45 independent chalets for sale of which 3 chalets for sale by individuals and 42 by professionals and banks with the cheapest price per m2 of 136.4€/m2, the average price of 928€/m2 and chalets in more expensive areas can reach 3315.2€/m2

21 rustic properties for sale, of which 12 properties for sale by individuals and 9 by professionals with the cheapest price per m2 of 434.8€/m2 the average price of 950€/m2 and in more expensive areas it can reach 4078.9€/m2

8 country houses for sale of which 4 rural houses for sale by individuals and 4 by professionals with the cheapest price per m2 of 189.4€/m2 the average price of 1760.6€/m2 and in more expensive areas it can reach 11666.7€/m2

71 village houses for sale of which 4 rural homes for sale by individuals and 4 by professionals with the cheapest price per m2 of 89.3€/m2 the average price of 581.4€/m2 and in more expensive areas it can reach 2500€/m2

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